Educational Philosophy

The school will reflect the founders’ philosophy that:

  • All children are capable of learning at high levels if they are taught by caring, skilled educators, challenged by an engaging curriculum, afforded adequate time and held to ambitious standards;
  • All children come to the world with a unique set of talents and resources that should be built upon to enhance learning;
  • Quality learning experiences must be extended to all children on an equal opportunity basis;
  • Schooling is most effective when it respects and reflects the history and culture of the children and families that it is intended to benefit;
  • Instructional practice is enhanced when staff work as a team and when professional development and regular assessment activities are tied closely to the school’s goals and curriculum;
  • Student success is enhanced when parents participate in the life of the school and when the school actively assists parents to play important roles in the learning process;
  • Community involvement is a powerful vehicle for engaging students’ many capacities and promoting the development of leadership skills and a commitment to citizenship;
  • Student learning should be reflected through integrated projects, skill demonstrations and standardized tests;
  • Substantial student achievement must be demonstrated to the community at large;